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Virtual Dialers

A Virtual Dialer or Hosted Predictive Dialer is similar to the traditional predictive auto-dialer, however instead of using LAN lines or T-1’s; the hosted dialer uses a VoIP or voice over Internet protocol service through the Internet. This allows the TSR to place his calls from any location with Internet access. The Virtual dialers (hosted predictive dialer) can be located in a brick & mortar location, or in the virtual world of cyberspace with the help of VoIP dialer hardware or software. Call centers around the world have been turned upside down with the introduction of Virtual Dialers.


Virtual vs. Traditional Dialer

The advantages of the virtual dialer (hosted predictive) vs. traditional (LAN based) predictive dialer:

A hosted predictive dialer does not rely on T1's, similar to the Internet... it is always there for you.

Predictive vs. Auto Dialer

When it comes time to match a predictive auto dialer versus a traditional auto dialer; hands down go to the predictive. The regular auto dialer is designed to call leads using all lines to place calls, which results in over dialing. A predictive auto dialer uses an algorithm to determine the number of lines needed to place minimal calls to customers, while increasing contacts made. .

Anyone who runs a call center needs to consider the facts about Hosted Virtual Auto-dialers:



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