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Hosted Predictive Dialers

Hosted Predictive Dialers

Hosted predictive auto dialers are the cutting edge of call center technology. Hosted dialers aka Virtual Dialer, allows calls to be placed over the Internet using VoIP technology to place calls from a PC. Hosted predictive is the same concept & operating system used in traditional predictive dialers, except the call uses VoIP instead of traditional LAN lines. The advantages of the virtual dialer:


Hosted Dialer - Virtual Call Center

Using a hosted predictive dialer allows the call center to be located completely online; no office space is needed unless wanted. You simply install the hosted dialer (similar to a PC) access your call center management screen, and allow agents to start calling from their PC. You can run a traditional call center, where agents come to an office for their daily routine. Otherwise you can allow the agents to work from home using their own PC, which creates the "Virtual Call Center." No office, no agents, no lan lines... no problems.

Virtual call centers rely on call center management to supervise productivity using: call recordings, talk time percentages, wrap up time, dialer contact ratio, on call display, and most other stats involved in running a call center.

Hosted Predictive Auto Dialer Software

Hosted dialing software is available for call centers looking to reduce overhead or start up cost. The advantages of predictive dialing software :


Hosted predictive auto dialers allow a flexibility not found in traditional predictive dialing units. A hosted dialer offers all of the core components found in the standard dialers, except it leaves plenty of space for future growth & advancement in technology.


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