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Predictive Dialers

Predictive auto dialers are the best auto dialers for all outbound call centers. The predictive dialer filters any non-target call such as answering machines, disconnects, faxes, etc... This allows a high percentage of the calls placed to agents to become a success call. The other great feature of predictive auto dialers is the fact that they actually predict the number of outbound calls to be placed to agents. This reduces under & over dialing of customers. The predictive dialer will generate the highest number of contacts per hour of any dialer manufactured today.


Predictive Auto Dialer

Predictive auto dialers can pay for themselves in a very short period of time if used properly. Any eight station or larger call center needs to use a predictive dialer to penetrate their data at the deepest percentage, while reducing the number of caller id dead calls placed to customers. Predictive auto dialing reduces the amount of wear & tear on any type of database by having a high call to contact ratio on outbound calls.

Predictive vs. Auto Dialer

There is no doubt that a predictive auto dialer performs better than a traditional automatic dialer. The benefits associated with predictive dialers are easy to sight:





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