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Telemarketing Data & Lists

Call Center Leads & Lists

Choosing the right data for your dialer can be very complicated or very easy depending on the route you take. If you are comfortable calling all ends of the spectrum; a standard public phone book converted for your dialer will do the trick for you. If you need specific demographics filled, your best choice would be to go with a company who specializes in key specific data. This would allow you to pick & choose the type of category or characteristic you are looking for. Companies like InfoUSA, SalesGenie, and Dunn & Bradstreet are great resources for warm calling. With their services you can exclude or include any type of key specific data you need i.e. Middle age, homeowners, in your city, which can make your calling very productive.


Picking The Right Call Center Data

When it comes to telemarketing you are always going to need leads & lists for calling. Data can be obtained from phone books, or from companies who specialize in data specific leads & lists. Picking the right type of data for your call center is essential to your telemarketing efforts.  

Telemarketing Data

You can really increase the effectiveness of your telemarketing campaign by getting the best leads or lists. Some of the most important things to remember when selecting your call center data / lists:



Getting your telemarketing lists to meet your exact needs can take a while to master. Look for telemarketing data companies who offer "new resident" listings to boost your cold calling campaign.



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