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VoIP Auto Dialers

VoIP auto dialers have the same features of standard dialers, however instead of calls being place over LAN lines, the calls are placed over the Internet. In most cases the VoIP server is hosted, requiring the user to access the system using a high speed Internet connection. The VoIP technology allows agents to place crystal clear calls to customers over the Internet. Another added benefit of a VoIP dialer is reducing the large monthly phone bills associated with call centers. VoIP dialers are quick and easy to set up, since there is no installation of phone lines needed to operate a VoIP dialer, most VoIP dialers can be interfaced to become a hosted or on site dialer, with the ability to accept inbound, blended, or outbound dialing.



VoIP Predictive Auto Dialer Benefits

Compared to a traditional dialer the predictive VoIP auto dialer still offers:

VoIP Solutions

VoIP can offer so much more flexibility than "on site" dialers. A VoIP auto dialer can allow agents & call center managers to work from the Internet. This means the agents could work from any Internet connection in the world. You can globalize or localize your call center using a VoIP auto dialer to place calls from anywhere, and best yet; you can monitor the agents live with remote access. The Virtual dialer allows a call center to work efficiently, while removing the brick & mortar overhead associate with telemarketing centers; basically creating a virtual call center.




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